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UniContact is the next generation Contact Center solution that enables you to create an omnichannel front-end policy for a successful Customer Experience strategy.

UniContact Cloud

Unicontact Cloud is Necsy’s proposal for Contact Center system as a Service (CCaaS), designed for companies that want to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Software Solutions

Necsy supports you in developing software projects for automation of operating processes, with measurable results in terms of efficiency and operating cost savings.

Do you want a customer-oriented omnichannel Contact Center solution ?

  • Adopts a new generation Customer Interaction Management solution
  • Make Customer Care a recognizable and distinctive element of your business
  • Give the customer the choice of the preferred communication channel
  • Qualifies incoming contacts, so maximizing the percentage of requests escalated at the first shot
  • Integrates front-end information with back-office systems



Do you have complex operating processes? Have you ever thought of automating them?


  • Adopts a SOA-based solution based on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) bus designed for the management and automation of integrated processes
  • Introduce the concept of Business Process Modeling within your organization
  • Use mobile apps and web apps to allow mobile staff to interact with your organization


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