Unicontact Campaign is the suite of UniContact, designed for planning and managing outgoing phone campaigns, providing full and effective support to an organization that wants to be able to run massive, voice and/or fax campaigns in a multi-context environment -list, operating in blending with the Unicontact Customer Care function for receiving and managing incoming calls.

A sophisticated dialing module guarantees the automation of outgoing calls in Preview mode (intentional operator selection), Power (automatic dialing on all available lines) or Predictive (automatic dial-up by call progress), enabling operational staff to focus on customer contact activity rather than telephone activity, to maximize the efficiency of the organization’s operators while respecting the privacy requirements of the guarantor.

Integrating with a CRM management application, which also incorporates a scripting component for CATI activity, makes UniContact Campaign the ideal solution for comprehensive and integrated telemarketing and teleshopping campaigns.