UniContact is the Necsy Contact Center solution that combines the functional completeness of CTI systems with the architectural and technological flexibility of Unified Communications systems to deliver a omnichannel Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solution for a Customer Experience successfull strategy.

UniContact enables the organization that manages the Customer Care and Telemarketing services, to offer its Customers a multichannel front-end, open, and adhering to the communication standards of Unified Communications systems for the communication of new converged networks generation and collaboration across the internet.

By leveraging this communications infrastructure, based on open-source carrier-grade products, widely used in enterprise environments, UniContact provides Front Office organizations with all the functionality of a Multimedia Contact Center (IVR, ACD, Dialer, Recorder, Chat, SMs, etc.), ensuring:

  • interfacing to the access telephone network via digital and / or analog connections to the PSTN or Trunk SIP, NGN or ISP
  • interoperability with PBX (PBX) systems, both of the traditional (PBX) and VoIP-based systems
  • network-based devices (IP telephones, access gateways, etc.) based on communication standards, so that interoperability between multiple manufacturers is “vendor independent”
  • interoperability with standard third-party software applications (webservices, XML), for managing front-office and back-office issues
  • multichannel management: voice, fax, SMS, e-mail, chat, instant messaging are different means of communication, but treated homogeneously, both in the interactive reception phase and in the subsequent contact assignment and management of the operator
  • Integrated administration of all Contact Center elements
  • components modularity and flexibility in introducing new technologies (VoIP and Web) to safeguard past investments
  • Infrastructure scalability with solutions ranging from all-in-one systems to a few dozen lines / workstations to distributed systems with hundreds of lines and operator locations
  • virtualization, with the support of leading available marketable technologies (VMware, MS Hyper-V, ..)