Effective training is essential to ensure that the system is used and managed to the best of its potential and to ensure the success of the investments made.

Necsy offers a full range of courses focused on products and solutions provided, basic training for Contact Center users, administrator training for Contact Center administrators and supervisors, technical training for specialists and system integrators who wish to develop independently software applications based on our systems (SDK).

The courses combine theoretical lessons, demonstrations, projects, and workshops, and provide extensive teaching material and practical exercises on a real system. The teaching is provided by experienced specialist staff of the Contact Center systems and for each session the degree of participants’ satisfaction is measured and the effectiveness of the course is evaluated in order to plan any additional sessions and continuously improve the level of the courses themselves.

Courses on our products are articulated at different levels:

  • Basic Training: Provides a general overview of the system with reference to its features, functionality and potential as well as indications of basic operation and maintenance operations
  • Administration and Maintenance: Provides the necessary knowledge to help participants test the proper functioning of the various components of the system and identify the causes of malfunctions
  • Call-flow Application Development: Provides the knowledge you need to master the development of simple applications and to make simple changes to more complex services (eg message replacement, timeout modification, call flow control variations, etc.) .
  • Advanced development of integrated applications: enabling participants to develop complex applications using the development environments and graphical tools present in our systems. Recommended for users who want to master the best of our systems to deliver high technological content.

Courses are generally held at the Necsy office, but on specific customer requests, they can also be organized in different locations to devote know-how to high technological content as quickly as possible.