For any company, it is important to use the Internet as a showcase, through which to maintain and strengthen its image and the presence of its brand on the market, also as a channel of communication through which it can capture new business opportunities and at the same time expand and improve Quality of Customer Care services offered to Customers.

The Web is now a means of interaction that is indispensable for any organization that wants to seize the business opportunities that the use of new technologies makes available to companies.

Through UniContact WebCare, Customers can contact the Front Office staff directly through the web site, presiding over the company’s web channel, thanks to its Live Chat function.
UniContact WebCare is the solution available on “on Premises” or “SaaS” mode, which guarantees the reception of a chat support request, and the subsequent assignment of contact by Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD) for routing based-based, skill-based, round-robin, and so on, exploiting the “presence” information provided by UniContact’s new generation Unified Communications Infrastructure.
With the tools provided by Unicontact WebCare you can:

  • receive chat requests via an Interactive Chat Response, which allows you to customize reception messages like a voice call
  • qualify chat requests (prioritization, typology, etc.) depending on the Web site source and information available to enable skill-based routing
  • offer live chat service to customers visiting the company’s web site by contacting an operator they can interact with through the Text Chat function, supported by the ability to exchange documents (transfer files) in mode push / pull
  • offer online customers the possibility to call on a recalled basis (call me), or Web Call via internet managed by ACD logic and synchronized with live chat
  • handle multiple concurrent Chat requests, blending with Voice Communications
  • allow interoperability between chat functionality and third-party software applications using standard communication mechanisms (webservices, XML, etc.) to manage front-office and back-office issues.