Since the introduction of the iPhone on the market, there has been an exponential increase in the number of smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications nowadays no longer need to be described: they all use them from smartphones or tablets.

Using App and Web App gives companies extraordinary power to integrate into their clients, partners, and collaborators everyday, in a simple and direct way, by activating collaborative policies to improve their business processes.

For years, Necsy has been at the forefront of leading companies, supporting them in implementing native App and Web App solutions to enhance and optimize the activities of mobile users.

Our presence extends to all phases of the project, from solution analysis to specification definition, from software development to delivery of the final solution, with App App online support, startup support, and subsequent assistance to exercise.

Choosing the technology to use, App or Web App, depends on the context of the solution’s use.

Web App

Developing a mobile web app means building a website with an optimized interface for mobile devices. The structure and layout of a mobile web app can be completely different from the desktop site setting.

The company has the opportunity to choose which content to show and what, optimizing user browsing and making content more enjoyable.

A mobile web app is accessible from any mobile device through the browser and can be updated in real time and may look like a native app. The fact that it is accessible from any mobile browser allows the site to be shared more user-friendly and can benefit from indexing within search engines.

App native

Developing a native smartphone application is a more complex process than making a mobile or responsive web site, but it offers some benefits:

Interaction Level: The level of interaction that can be obtained with the user through a native application is much higher than that obtainable through a mobile or responsive website
Customization and Frequent Use: If you plan on a long time and frequently use the service it is preferable to develop a native application
Complex Calculations and Reports: Complex calculations and reporting information in the form of reports are only possible through an application.
Device functionality: Using your camera, GPS, and other mobile device features.
No connection: if you want to allow the user to use the service even if there is no connection