The dynamism of markets requires companies to change their work modes faster and more efficiently. This is especially true for complex organizations, called for continuous operations on operational processes, in order not to lose competitiveness positions.

In that scenario, integration and automation in business processes is a key strategic choice for any organization that believes in IT technology as a tool to tackle the challenges of next-generation markets. In fact, the ability to relate business processes to the front-end organization will be more and more determined, knowing how to adapt quickly and continually to changing contexts. The availability of a technology infrastructure suited to this task can be a key factor in the success of any production activity.

Thanks to the expertise in leading computing environments (Solaris, Unix, Linux, Microsoft), the use of the most popular databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSql) and knowledge of a broad spectrum of programming languages Java, from J2EE to EJB), Necsy can provide a comprehensive answer to the requirements of developing software applications tailored to Customer’s specifications by applying structured programming methodologies and conforming to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) dictates.

Necsy’s proposal is based on a SOA infrastructure based on Open Source products, which automates the logic of business logic by means of a standard protocols based on an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) bus that facilitates dialogue and interaction between applications and processes

In the presence of many applications that need to speak to each other, it becomes anachronistic to develop proprietary solutions to communicate each one with each other by developing custom interfaces: it is much simpler to provide every single application of its standard interface that is suitable for dialogue with the bus.

The use of BPMN solutions, which integrate a workflow system through which the process logic evolution mode can be defined graphically, then it can implement automation mechanisms in a flexible and effective way, same as the ability to manage the reconfiguration of business logic in an easy and fast way.

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