Necsy works on the ICT market with two distinct types of offers.

Contact Center solutions based on UniContact, an open Unified Communications platform adhering to the new generation communication standards, designed in-house and therefore completely customizable based on the needs of the individual Customer.

Software solutions for primary companies in the Telcos and Utilities sectors, with which we collaborate to meet their needs in terms of improvement and automation of operational processes, using state of the art technologies and methodologies (Web, App and Web App, RDBMS, SOA, BPM, …).


UniContact is the multi-channel Contact Center solution, open and compliant with Unified Communications communication standards, to offer a multichannel Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solution.

UniContact Campaign

Unicontact Campaign is the suite that offers complete and effective support for the planning and management of outgoing telephone, voice and fax campaigns based on preview, power  or predictive mode.

UniContact WebCare

With UniContact WebCare the company will  interact with customers who are visiting the website, offering them an interactive and collaborative “live” support service, which unifies voice and chat.

App e Web App

Necsy is at the side of companies that want to seize the opportunity of growth deriving from the use of mobile technologies, offering them perswonalized solutions based on App and Web App.

UniContact TeleCare

Unicontact Telecare is the suite for integrating in the Contact Center the management of social-health services for comfort, monitoring and telerescue, addressed mainly to elderly and/or not self-sufficient people.

Soluzioni Software

In a competitive scenario, which requires companies to continuously improve their operational processes, we propose integration and automation software solutions, tailored to specific needs.