Technical Advice

Technical Advice

Our specialists and our partners provide you with all their knowledge in communications, internet, software, applications, because everything changes fast, even while you are reading.

There is no single solution to business communication needs and the factors influencing the choice are different. First, it is necessary to analyze the starting situation in terms of reuse or integration with pre-existing systems and applications, so it is necessary to accurately estimate the sizing in terms of bandwidth, lines, hardware and software needed; It is also important to define the network architecture according to geographic and organizational needs.



Finally, the complexity of application solutions may require high levels of customization that need to be evaluated in terms of time and costs as soon as possible. With its profound experience in the Contact Center area, voice and data integration and business processes that regulate their use, Necsy provides system-level consulting that allows customers to optimize their implementation times their own projects and their effectiveness.

The common goal of Necsy and its Customers is to safeguard investment and introduce high-tech technology know-how as quickly as possible.