Unicontact Cloud is the Necsy Cloud Solution that allows you to benefit from Contact Center services in a mode as a Service, offering the ability to implement a multichannel customer care policy to provide its customers with a level of service that combines the completeness and effective contact management, efficiency and integration capabilities with management processes, in a logic of optimizing Customer Experience.

Unicontact Cloud means ???:

  • Availability of all UniContact Platform features in aaS mode
  • Inbound voice service management (IVR, ACD, VoiceMail, Recorder)
  • Outbound voice service management (Campaign, Dialer, Recorder)
  • Fax Management (Inbound, Outbound, Campaigns)
  • Support Services Management by Chat
  • Interconnect to the PSTN network for managing voice and fax calls to any national and international destination, fixed and mobile, on favorable terms, without sacrificing quality of service
  • Internet Accessibility for Supporting Live Support Services Through Customers who require you to contact the company or through the website or smartphone via a dedicated App
  • Messaging services by SMS and email, by linking with Service Providers specialized in messaging services
  • Distributed and integrated communication solutions, thanks to interoperability with the company’s communication systems (Pbx, …) and the ability to make incoming and outgoing calls through the company’s telephone connections.
  • CTI integration with company’s legacy systems
  • Architecture Multi-tenant Software
  • VPN site-to-site for VoIP connection with the company
  • Real-time web administration and supervision
  • Systemic Support and Custom Software Developments
  • Online helpdesk service H24 7×7

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